Milton Barbarosh and the Stenton Leigh Group have an incredibly high success rate and are perceived as being extremely professional in their approach to finances. The services that they provide are always very friendly and they always try to give their customers the absolute best advice that they possibly can.

Going through money problems is a common problem for many businesses across the world. During these times of trouble, it can be very hard for you to know where you should go to and who you can trust. Often it can get you feeling very depressed.


Some people may wonder why you should even seek financial advice. Many people start up a business and think they’ve got it all figured out – they know exactly what they’re doing and they don’t need anyone to help them. If you do not have any experience in finances, this is probably not the case. It is common to see people think they can handle it on their own and they fall, they just need the support because they don’t have the financial experience.

In these cases, it is important to protect yourself and get financial support – ideally from the first moments in starting up your business, but you can always call someone in later on if things get rough. Regardless of when you are seeking financial advice, the man you should call is always Milton Barbarosh.

Milton Barbarosh

When researching financial advice, you’ve probably come across the name Milton Barbarosh a few times – this is because he is one of the top financial advisors in the world. In case you’ve never heard of him (or you’re just wondering who he is), you should have some background facts:

Milton Barbarosh is highly experienced in his field, with around forty years of experience working with finances, originally working as an accountant in 1976 with KPMG Peat Marwick. Throughout the years, Barbarosh changed his workplace a few times but always remained working with finances. At one point he worked at The Royal Bank of Canada, and at another time he worked with JW Charles Capital Corp. Since then, Barbarosh has founded his own company called Stenton Leigh Group which has been extremely successful as it has grown since the early 90s.

Stenton Leigh Group

Stenton Leigh Group was set up in 1989 by Milton Barbarosh. It was originally set up to be a company that provides financial advisory services and also investment services for small, growing businesses. Since then, Stenton Leigh Group has changed its services slightly to better suit the customers. Today, the company is known to be a financial advisory company that has the capability of merchant banking – perfect for companies that may be looking for these services.

There are quite a few services that Barbarosh and his company provide, including principle investments and asset management; mergers and acquisitions; financial advising; and valuation services. The aim for the company is to help as many businesses with their finances as they possibly can.